What some of our Clients think about the service we provide:


Graham Heiner - Brisbane City Council

"Since 2005, Brisbane City Council has invested over $45M in acquisition and rehabilitation works for its portfolio of 20 pools.  In this time, Stevenson has provided significant Services in the design, specification and evaluation of these works that has proven to deliver robust quality and good environmental outcomes at the lowest whole-of-life cost." 


Peter Vicary - Western Suburbs Concrete

"Stevenson & Associates were engaged on our project for their Indoor Aquatics Expertise.  Paul’s knowledge and understanding of this unique & aggressive environment enables him to offer designs in relation to air handling, pool design, filtration systems & building materials that will ensure the owner has a long lasting building & equipment that they won’t have to re-invest significant sums of money to rectify costly mistakes in design.  Pauls’ level of understanding and knowledge in this field would place him as one of the top people in Australia.  As somebody who has seen the costly mistakes of designers who lack expertise in this field and the ramifications this has on budgets and profits down the track I would recommend to anyone embarking on a project to build an indoor swimming pool to engage Stevenson & Associates to ensure their building and equipment is built to last.“


Graham Howe - Penrith City Council

"Stevenson & Associates have undertaken several projects for Penrith City Council at Ripples Aquatic Centre and Penrith Pool. His practical approach in upgrading systems and solving problems has been appreciated by all those involved. Pauls knowledge and experience in the aquatics field has steered Council to achieve workable and cost effective upgrades to plant and equipment whilst reducing operational costs.  I would just like to thank Paul for all his work."


Derek Mah - NBRS Architects

"Aquatic projects are inherently complex and present a high level of risk for the design team. Paul Stevenson brings an industry best practise level of technical expertise and experience to the design team. This means we can rest assured that the water treatment and mechanical ventilation services in our project will perform to a high standard and do so for a long time. We can then get on and concentrate on the architecture with confidence."


Brad Bawcombe - Full Tilt Constructions

"We first considered Stevenson & Associates for the mechanical ventilation and pool filtration services for a Sydney based commercial project. At our first meeting we received excellent advice regarding many other building design aspects which we implemented. This produced a commercial facility which is today far more inviting and successful in every aspect than it would have been without Stevenson & Associates involvement. Stevenson & Associates offered a first class service from start to finish, we confirm it was a complete pleasure having Stevenson & Associates on our team in every respect and we look forward to working with them whenever possible."


Peter Shields - Fairfield City Council

"Stevenson & Associates have been involved in two Aquatic projects for Fairfield City Council, namely upgrades to the Fairfield Leisure Centre 25m Pool and Prairiewood Leisure Centre Pool. Paul's attention to detail and compliance ensured that the projects were delivered in top class form."


Louise Hambridge - Danebank Anglican School for Girls

"We engaged Stevenson & Associates after a long search for someone with the necessary skills to redesign our Air Exchange system for our Aquatic Centre.  The original plant was over 10 years old and had some significant design flaws.  We did not want to risk the same happening again.  Paul came with high recommendations from other Schools with similar plant and we were impressed by his knowledge and approach from the start.  The new unit was well designed and documented.  Paul managed the tendering process and also the project management of the installation.  We were very pleased with the outcome.  The air quality in the Centre has never been better.  We highly recommend Paul’s work."











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Graham Heiner

Brisbane City Council


Peter Vicary

Western Suburbs Concrete


Graham Howe

Penrith City Council


Derek Mah

NBRS Architects


Brad Bawcombe

Full Tilt Constructions


Peter Shields

Fairfield City Council


Louise Hambridge

Danebank Anglican School for Girls