About Stevenson + Associates


Stevenson + Associates Pty Ltd commenced trading in 1999 as consulting engineers with the specific aim of specialising in aquatic projects.  Since then, the firm has developed to the point where it offers most engineering disciplines associated with swimming pools as well as offering expertise in architectural aspects such as fabric selection, condensation, corrosion and passive design.


We have carefully developed designs for all styles and sizes of swimming pools, from the largest Olympic pools in the World to smaller high quality domestic pools.  In the pursuit of excellence, we have also assisted manufacturers in the development of their products so as to better serve our projects and the aquatic industry as a whole.


Stevenson + Associates have been committed to the Aquatic industry as a whole and has assisted the Australian NSW Health Department in the development of their new Swimming Pool & Spa Guidelines including giving permission for the use of our plant sizing formulas for indoor and outdoor swimming pools.  The formulas are referred to in the Guidelines as the "Stevenson Formulas".


The firm also assist in the production of the current World Health Organisation’s Guidelines for Safe Recreational Waters and, the current FINA water quality guidelines


Our commitment is to meet and exceed all design requirements by providing the most progressive techniques and methodologies available, in all aspects of Aquatic engineering.  







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